eKool Dry Mist Fans

India's First Non Wetting Dry Mist Cooling Fans

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Awesome features

Some features that make our eKool Misting Series so unique.
We work really hard to make a product that will stand out from the crowd.

  • Non-wetting

    India's first non-wetting misting fans by Magneto.

  • Removes dust

    The high pressures blades ensure dust free cool winds.

  • Customisablity

    Different installation types make the product suitable for all needs.

  • Non-clog

    Due to its non clog features, the fans do not get clogged and cool efficiently.

  • Effective Cooling

    Always cools down about 10-20˚C depending on the conditions.

  • Rugged Structure

    The sturdy body makes it especially suited for outdoors conditions and can withstand harsh conditions.

  • Green Technology

    Designed to save energy and is not harmful to the evironment at all.

  • Attractive Design

    These european designed fans have a stylish look and adds beauty to your outdoors.

Our Clients

We work close with our clients projects
to provide a unique experience

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While generally sitting in the lawn or terrace used to be almost impossible in summers, but not anymore. Magneto presents the next generation of cooling systems, eKool Dry Mist Cooling Fans. These fans employ the principles of both flash, and convective cooling to make the hot outdoor areas cooler, and more comfortable. Our fans provide high performance cooling without wetting the users, and come with the added advantage of being aesthetically appealing, robust and easily installable in any outdoor space. The best part is that there is that they don't even rust or clog.

  • These cool looking Misting Fans by Magneto have been an invaluable resource for making our outdoors more comfortable, and all our customers really liked them

    Mr. Ankit Katyal (Owner)  Jungli Billi
  • Magneto's Mist Fans meet all the requirements of the green and environment friendly technology that we try to promote at S-Bar, and we are very happy to use them.

    Mr. Asit (GM)  S-Bar
  • Great Product, Really Happy To Use It! All our clients try to sit in front of the fan.

    Mr. Nishit(GM & M)  Walk in Clouds

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